Niagara Falls History Museum

This past July the Niagara Falls History Museum revealed the new Ferry Street museum and all the hard work that has gone into the renovations. Not only does the museum look wonderful but it also offers some great programming to the city of Niagara Falls. There are currently three galleries in the museum for us to enjoy: The Gale Family War of 1812, Niagara Falls and Ontario Power Generation galleries.

Thursday nights the galleries are open free of charge from 5-9pm, perfect for a cheap date night or showing the kids some of the town’s history. Along with the free galleries, there will also be Thursday night programming throughout the year with the Philosopher’s Cafe and Niagara on Screen. Niagara on Screen is hosted by Professor Joan Nicks and starts at 7pm, exposing films that involve Niagara Falls.

Throughout the last month of the summer, make sure you take advantage of Summer Sun Days. Taking place at Battle Ground Hotel Museum with a donation to participate, there are different themed activities happening from 11am-5pm once a week.

Progressive Dinner in Niagara-on-the-Lake

Progressive DinnerThis is definitely a unique experience! This Progressive Dinner ticket gives you something to do every day of the weekend, with the main event being Saturday night. Friday begins with a Wine & Cheese get together where you can meet with other diners and hosts. On Saturday you will experience a delicious five-course gourmet dining and wine adventure in a progressive manner around 5 of the top gourmet restaurants in Niagara-on-the-Lake. The Saturday night dinner starts at the Pillar & Post Inn and then Niagara Classic Cabs will transport you (included in the ticket price) to every other location. On Sunday, you have the opportunity to visit the five participating wineries to taste complimentary samples.
There are 3 dates available for 2012: January 28th, March 10th and April 14th.

Tickets are $145/person (including taxes and gratuities). For more information or to order call 1-877-342-4374

Update! 2013 Dates: January 26th, March 23rd and April 13th

Daniel O’Donnell Concert

There are many things to do in Niagara during the winter; for locals they tend to know where to go and what to take part it, but they have been doing this for years. For all you travellers out there Hayley and I have some advice for you, which is check out the Niagara Concerts.

Daniel O’Donnell will be returning to Niagara Falls during the Winter Festival of Lights for a concert at the Scotiabank Convention Centre. He is a man that earned his popularity through special appearances on PBS and through his extensive musical career. The Convention Centre will sure be packed full of people with Daniel on stage. It is something to check out, especially since it has been rumoured to be a ‘very special Christmas concert.’ So book your tickets! Hayley and I will be there and we’re hoping you’ll be there too!!



Bird Kingdom

A trip to the Bird Kingdom was something fun and different. There was a reptile viewing room, complete with live iguana chillin’ on the floor; a small bird sanctuary left Amber ducking her head for the rest of the day as they sore in front of you, above you and around you; the creepy nocturnal area complete with bats, owls and the biggest spiders ever; and the main aviary with birds that look like they could be from a story book!

It was cool to see all the different types of exotic birds and hilarious to watch as little children were less freaked out by birds following them than Amber and I. You can make the tour last as long as you want it to. Amber and I were in there for just under an hour and were able to see everything! You can take your time and read every detail about every creature and I’m sure it would take much longer.

The Bird Kingdom is a unique tourist attraction in the Falls and something that I think would be really good to check!

Coyote Run Winery

Two free samples of wine and a pleasant host. That’s what Amber and I got when we went to see Coyote’s Run Estate Winery. Coupons from their website allow you to sample two different types of wine. I think they do this because they know that once you try it, you’re gonna buy it. I did!

What sets this winery apart from the many different wineries in Niagara Falls is the two very distinct soil types they have on their property: red clay and black clay. We were told that the black clay produces wine that is rich and earthly, the red clay is much fruitier. I have recently became interested in wine in the last year or so and I still was able to tell a difference in the Pinot Noir grown in the two different types of soil. I enjoyed the black clay better, which of course ended up being the more expensive one. (That’s always the way, isn’t it?) Amber tried both a red (2008 Syrah) and a white (2009 Pinot Blanc), and enjoyed both of them!

I think that this winery should be a definite stop on your next tour of Niagara’s wine region! Even if you’re a local, why not plan a weekend getaway with a built in wine tour? Check out the Liquid Lunch package!

A Night On The Town- Port Dalhousie

Friday and Saturday nights in Port Dalhousie are something to be seen! Sadly, it is the end of an era, with condominiums being put in place of some of the most popular summer bars in the Niagara region.  Bars that have more outside space than inside, decks and sand floors, these are the idea summer hotspots- My Cottage, Jailhouse, The Shore, Horny Toad and Port Mansion. The whole street is filled with young partiers looking to have some fun, loud music is bumpin’ from every bar and the DD is lucky to find a parking spot after 10pm that’s not on someone’s lawn. Ironically, these things that we are all so excited about, are also the reason the town has decided to remove the bars. Hopefully you have had the pleasure of experiencing these bars for yourself, or it could be too late!

I can say that I have had numerous fun-filled nights in Port Dalhousie, celebrating my birthday or celebrating a girl’s night on the town! I’m not sure where we will go on weekends when the new construction takes place but it will be interesting to see what it will offer.  Needless to say, Saturday night will not be the same.