Warner’s Pumpkin Farm

When is it too early to by a pumpkin for Halloween? Never! Head over to Warner Ranch and Pumpkin Farm, in Niagara Falls, to pick out your pumpkin and get your carve on. I remember going to Warner’s with my school in grade 3 and we each got to pick a pumpkin. I was so happy to bring that pumpkin home. Little kids take pride in carving a pumpkin; it is a fine art that needs perfecting. You and the family can also go on a haunted hay ride starting from 7pm until 11. Although it is a little hooky, it still gets your heart pumping when creatures jump from the forest. I’ll admit that I got pretty scared on the ride and was glad I didn’t go on the 11:00 ride when it was even darker.  On your trip to Niagara Falls, bring home the perfect fall souvenir and carve out a masterpiece! 


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