Of course all month long we have been posting fun Halloween events to do around the Niagara region. Hope that some of you enjoyed the Halloween party at The Croft Lounge on Saturday and that all the kids in Niagara will enjoy trick-or-treating tonight! For those of you who have been wondering what I went for as Halloween this year, wonder no more! I dressed as my favourite hot sauce, Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce! Have a Happy Halloween Niagara!

Warner’s Pumpkin Farm

When is it too early to by a pumpkin for Halloween? Never! Head over to Warner Ranch and Pumpkin Farm, in Niagara Falls, to pick out your pumpkin and get your carve on. I remember going to Warner’s with my school in grade 3 and we each got to pick a pumpkin. I was so happy to bring that pumpkin home. Little kids take pride in carving a pumpkin; it is a fine art that needs perfecting. You and the family can also go on a haunted hay ride starting from 7pm until 11. Although it is a little hooky, it still gets your heart pumping when creatures jump from the forest. I’ll admit that I got pretty scared on the ride and was glad I didn’t go on the 11:00 ride when it was even darker.  On your trip to Niagara Falls, bring home the perfect fall souvenir and carve out a masterpiece! 


Fort George Ghost Tours

Looking for things to do in Niagara Falls? Why not try a haunted ghost tour? I know what you are thinking…”there’s no such thing!” And maybe you don’t think so, but the Fort George Ghost Tours are all about telling the real stories of people’s experiences with spirits. This guided walking tour will take you through dimly lit Old Fort George (the most haunted place in Canada)!

The Tour guides tell many stories of people who have come in contact with ghosts and spirits. The tour runs for 1.5 hours is very fun and spooky, even if we were a bit skeptical. We definitely feel that everyone should try it out; it is something different to do in the Niagara region.


Niagara Falls International Marathon

As a graduate from A.N. Myer Secondary School in Niagara Falls, I was always a part of The Niagara Falls Marathon, as each school was given a stretch of the race and put in charge of cheering the runners on and providing them with water. This day was always so much fun, decked out in our school’s colours, purple and white! We got to see all the runners, joggers and walkers go by and bring a smile to their tired faces with our cheering and songs.

This year, on October 23rd, over 5000 participants will take on the marathon, half marathon, 10k or 5k! There is a line up of awesome speakers who are legends of the marathon word; Kathrine Switzer, Roger Robinson, John Stanton and Dane Rauschenberg. The primary charity this year will be the Walker Family Cancer Center so make sure to pledge anyone you know participating or donate directly to the marathon. It’s a great cause and a great day full of fun and exercise!


Pumpkin Festival at Heartland Forest

October is one of the best times of the year; especially on Halloween. And a great way to get into the Halloween spirit is travelling to Heartland Forest for Pumpkin Festival. Beginning today the 17th and running Monday-Friday for two weeks, children of all ages will be sure to get into spirit.

Everyone is welcome to join in the fun and enjoy such activities like guided nature tours and pumpkin carving for $3.00. So come out and enjoy all that Heartland has to offer!

Pumpkinville at Happy Rolph’s

What is better than dressing up and going trick or treating? Pumpkinville at Happy Rolph’s! Aside from being able to dress up in your Halloween costume, Happy Rolph’s offers children of all ages to take part in all Pumpkinville festivities. And the best part is that admission is FREE, which is rather rate in the Niagara Region!

Some of the many activities that children and parents can take a part in are: scarecrow building contests, pumpkin carving contests, music, crafts, and face painting. Festivities run until 3:00pm on the 15th of October. You’ll definitely want to check it out, whether you are a local or staying at one of the many Niagara Falls hotels!

Drive Along River Road

fallSir Winston Churchill really knew what he was talking about when he said that River Road was “the prettiest Sunday drive in the world.” Taking an afternoon drive along River Road, the Niagara Parkway, on a fall afternoon is a scenic drive with the colors of fall all around you. It is a quiet drive with trees lining the road and small glimpses of the Niagara River between the trees. You can look up the long driveways to each of the wineries to see amazing estates and see the well maintained farm land that the Niagara farmers take so much pride in.

Although many people often don’t just go out to drive anymore, this drive is one that should definitely be taken. Whether you are driving to the Laura Secord homestead, Fort George or one of the many wonderful wineries that Niagara has, take in the beauty of Niagara on your journey there.

Balls Falls Thanksgiving Festival

Set within the Twenty Valley watershed, Balls Falls is a spectacular place to go with family or friends, especially because of its scenic beauty. Since Hayley and I love the outdoors, we thought that we would check it out.

Upon entering, you pay a small fee to help preserve this beautiful site. As we started to walk throughout the grounds, we were able to feast our eyes on one of the many Niagara Falls waterfalls. It was beautiful! We decided to take a closer look and climb down to see it. (If you are going to take a closer look at this waterfall, make sure that you are wearing appropriate shoes and that you are not alone)

But this was not all that you can take in. Balls Falls is celebrating their 37th Annual Balls Falls Thanksgiving Festival, on October 7th, which is complete with live entertainment, children’s attractions, heritage activities and tours. Balls Falls is an attraction you must check out, you will not be disappointed!

King Henry VIII Feast

If you are looking for a unique and exciting way to celebrate a group event or just an exciting thing to do in Niagara Falls, than I have found the perfect place to do it! The King Henry VIII Feast, made famous at The Buttery Restaurant now has a new home in The Best Western Plus Cairn Croft Hotel! Having the pleasure of joining the King, his steward and his wenches for their first feast performance I can say that I was laughing and blushing all at once. The King and his followers are always on, reacting to the crowds comments and dishing out some… adult humour. Hilarious!

Not only are the characters very entertaining but the feast is really good as well! It starts with a bowl of soup (keep in mind no utensils, so slurping is expected) and then there are roast potatoes, root vegetables, delicious ribs, chicken AND suckling pig. I could not believe how much food there was… it really was a feast. And then they brought out cheeses and dessert! Not to mention that included in the price is two rounds of drink; white wine, red wine or beer! I went for red that night. We all definitely ate and drank like kings… and queens. Check out the packages offered by the hotel and make a trip out of it.

After a great run at The Best Western Plus Cairn Croft Hotel, King Henry’s court will no longer be held at the hotel. We are glad that you got to enjoy the show while it was on! Don’t worry, The Best Western Plus Cairn Croft Hotel still has lots of other fun things going on.. keep reading our blog to stay up to date!