Niagara Golf in the Fall

Niagara is known for its world class golfing and beautiful golf courses. When the summer sun is just too hot for you to hit the links… planning a tee time for the fall is the perfect solution!
The courses are less crowded, foliage has started to turn, there is a nice autumn breeze and the sun is still shining. I’m new to golfing so I must admit you won’t see me on the greens anytime soon, I stick to the driving range. But I know that Niagara’s golf courses, from Legends to Whirlpool, are beautiful in the summer or fall.
There are also some really great golf packages available in Niagara Falls- that have your accommodations and tee times all taken care of. The BEST WESTERN PLUS Cairn Croft Hotel is the official partner of Niagara Parks Golf and are specialists in making sure your golf weekend is exactly what you were looking for.

Laura Secord Homestead Tour

If Niagara history is what you’re into, then a visit to the Laura Secord Homestead is right up your alley. Amber and I had the pleasure of getting a tour by an old high school friend of mine and he was awesome! All the staff is so knowledgeable about the house and the artifacts within it. We were very impressed.

We learned that women use to die from cooking because of their large skirts catching fire, that Laura Secord wasn’t recognized for her efforts until the age of 83 and that she nursed her husband, James, back to health after the war without a doctor, along with many other fun facts!

I think that this was one of the better run historical locations that we have visited and felt like I really learned a lot in the 20 minute tour for only $9.50. Visit the home yourself to learn about the first heroin of Canada and the war of 1812!

Take a ride on the Mist…Maid of the Mist that is!

All aboard! Alright I know this is quite sad, but last Saturday was the first time I had even ridden on the Maid of the Mist. I have been living in Niagara for the past 4 years and I had never thought about riding on this boat. And honestly, it was a great time.

Legend of the Maid of the Mist states that the daughter of a Chief was sacrificed by her father and her tribe to ward of evil spirits that haunt them. Therefore, she was sent in a canoe over the brink of the falls. Whether or not you believe in legends, the story itself has been passed down throughout the years and still remains an important story in Niagara Falls.

The story itself is one of the main reasons that I decided to take the trip, as well as my boyfriend and I thought that it would be a cool thing to do on a hot summer day. The ride itself was both exhilarating and wet (so wear your rain jacket, you will get soaked if you don’t), as we got close to the falls. A recorded voice also talks about the American and Canadian falls, as well as briefly outlines the differences they laid between Canadians and Americans during the War of 1812.

Even though I was not able to take great photos because my camera got very wet. I will never forget the fun we had together on this mystical ride towards the falls. This is just one of the many things to do by the falls. Don’t miss out!!!