Harvest Festival at Fireman’s Park

The Stamford Centre Volunteer Firemen’s Association are hosting their 2nd annual Harvest Festival at Firemen’s Park tomorrow in Niagara Falls until Sunday. Last year the event was a big success, being its first year.. and it’s just going to get better.

Perfect for a family outing, the festival has hay rides and corn mazes for the kids, as well as different vendors and demonstrations. The food is provided by the SCVFA and there are delicious BBQ hamburgers and hot dogs, as well as hot cider to warm you up on that autumn day.  Fireman’s Park offers the perfect setting for this festival, with the foliage all in the warm reds, yellows and oranges that we all think of for the fall.

Bird Kingdom

A trip to the Bird Kingdom was something fun and different. There was a reptile viewing room, complete with live iguana chillin’ on the floor; a small bird sanctuary left Amber ducking her head for the rest of the day as they sore in front of you, above you and around you; the creepy nocturnal area complete with bats, owls and the biggest spiders ever; and the main aviary with birds that look like they could be from a story book!

It was cool to see all the different types of exotic birds and hilarious to watch as little children were less freaked out by birds following them than Amber and I. You can make the tour last as long as you want it to. Amber and I were in there for just under an hour and were able to see everything! You can take your time and read every detail about every creature and I’m sure it would take much longer.

The Bird Kingdom is a unique tourist attraction in the Falls and something that I think would be really good to check!

Try your luck at Fallsview Casino

fallsview-casinoTry your luck at the Fallsview Casino. This full service Casino features both table games and slots for everyone to enjoy, as well as offers dinner choices, world-class drinks, and entertainment.

Whether you like the black-jack table or the penny slots, everyone is accommodated for. And with entertainment from such names like Reba McEntire and Dana Carvey you are sure to have a good time, not to mention win a jack-pot!

Hayley and I had the pleasure of enjoying the slots when we went to the Fallsview Casino. There were so many to choose from. Even though we were not able to take part in such tables like roulette or poker, we had fun! Hayley and I felt very lucky.. and though we might not have won the jack-pot we were rooting for, we were able to come out of the casino the same way we came in (by not losing any of the money we spent!).

But if you’re not into big crowds and just want to play some poker. Check out the Croft Lounge. Every Tuesday night is Poker night, you just have to register at http://www.worldpokertour.com/ by 6:00pm.

Coyote Run Winery

Two free samples of wine and a pleasant host. That’s what Amber and I got when we went to see Coyote’s Run Estate Winery. Coupons from their website allow you to sample two different types of wine. I think they do this because they know that once you try it, you’re gonna buy it. I did!

What sets this winery apart from the many different wineries in Niagara Falls is the two very distinct soil types they have on their property: red clay and black clay. We were told that the black clay produces wine that is rich and earthly, the red clay is much fruitier. I have recently became interested in wine in the last year or so and I still was able to tell a difference in the Pinot Noir grown in the two different types of soil. I enjoyed the black clay better, which of course ended up being the more expensive one. (That’s always the way, isn’t it?) Amber tried both a red (2008 Syrah) and a white (2009 Pinot Blanc), and enjoyed both of them!

I think that this winery should be a definite stop on your next tour of Niagara’s wine region! Even if you’re a local, why not plan a weekend getaway with a built in wine tour? Check out the Liquid Lunch package!

Flying Saucer..It’s outta this world!

There are so many options for dining in Niagara Falls but you gotta try this! From the outside it looks like a dive, but the food alone is to die for; located just down the street from the Best Western Plus Cairn Croft Hotel on Lundy’s Lane. If you are visiting Niagara Falls or live in the area and have never tried it, the turkey/gravy sub is a must from The Flying Saucer. This delicious, homemade sub can get a little messy, but I am sure you will be licking your plate clean after one bite. When we ordered in for lunch one day, it reminded us all of the day after Thanksgiving when you get to make your own turkey sub with your own gravy… but this is better!

One word: YUMMY. They even deliver! Could be a great eat even late!

Grape and Wine 2011

This year’s Grape and Wine Festival was nothing short of spectacular; with vineyards from all over the Niagara Region featuring their best red and white collections. Dozens of travellers and locals gathered together to test many different types of wines (from Ice Wine to Merlot to Chardonnay).But that’s not all, the live entertainment and the beautiful weather sure made this festival run smoothly.

But this Festival is not just for wine drinkers, this festival was able to provide a warm and safe place for children to play with its child friendly activities. Not to mention many venues featured jewellery, clothes, and toys.

Having spent the last 5 years going to Brock and living in the Niagara Region, it still amazes me how many people participate in this festival. So if you have never been to the festival or you are returning, enjoy it to its fullest because it only comes around once a year!

The Molson Slo-Pitch Ontario Provincial Championships

If last year and the last two weekends are any indication of how rockin’ The Croft Lounge is going to be this weekend… then that will be the place to be tonight! The Molson Slo-Pitch Ontario Provincial Championships, from all divisions, are in town every weekend in September and slo-pitch players definitely know how to party. This weekend the Men’s C and D divisions, as well as the Women’s D and E divisions are here!

Slo-Pitch National and the Niagara Falls Optimist Club host the Molson Slo-Pitch Ontario Provincial Championships every September, with other 1000 teams visiting, using 22 baseball diamonds across the region. The weekends are fun for the teams, their families, the local businesses and best of all the proceeds raised during this month go to support a variety of different local charities around the Niagara region.

If you want to watch some high calibre slo-pitch then check out the tournament schedule for the closet diamond to you! And if you want to have a great time partying this weekend, than hit up The Croft Lounge after the late games!


Syndicate is a local bar located near the Best Western Plus Cairn Croft Hotel—owned by the popular Taps Brewery—which features Niagara made beer. From light lagers to delicious reds and cream ales, this bar and grill will change the way you enjoy beer.

But this is not the only thing Syndicate offers; great dinner selections (3 courses) starting as low at $20, or try their other lunch and dinner selections. Hayley and I decided that we wanted wings and we must have chosen the right day because we were able to get 2lbs of medium wings with a pitcher or beer for $15 plus taxes. Now that’s  a good deal! 

So, if you’re looking for a relaxed patio bar to chill with friends, or a cool place to gab with family and enjoy great food and local beer, you must check out Syndicate. It’s definitely the place to be!

Take a hike down the Niagara Glen

Although Niagara Falls is a popular tourist destination, many tourists leave the area without truely seeing the beauty that lies here. But Hayley and I have had the pleasure of getting up close and personal with many Niagara sites that most people miss out on. One of those sites being the Niagara Glen.

We were so excited to hike down one of the many trails towards the Niagara River. We were even lucky enough to see the Niagara Jet Boat pass through. We also thought it was appropriate to check out the waters temperature. It was a bit chilly, but totally worth it because it was extremely hot that day.

Hayley and I spent most of the day down there enjoying the scenic beauty and each others company. We could have stayed down there for hours, but it was time to leave. As fun as the hike down was, the hike up was worth the sweat.

Of course the Niagara Glen is not just a spot for hiking. It can also we used as a place to enjoy nature, hang out with friends, family, and loved ones, or a place to enjoy some fresh air. So check it out while you visit, we are sure you will enjoy it!

Mini-Putt at The Super Putt

A date night turned intense mini-putt competition. My boyfriend and I decided it would be fun to play a round of mini-putt and the loser would buy the other a drink. He is an avid golfer and I am.. well.. not. I tried to warn him that I was surprisingly good at mini-putt but I don’t think he believed me until we started our game.

The Super Putt offers 18 holes of different green layouts and is conveniently located down Lundy’s Lane from The BEST WESTERN PLUS Cairn Croft.  Adults play for $7 and Children 12 and under play for $6. The holes all have funny little names. My favourite, Lover’s Leap, involves you shooting your ball over a small stream running through the course. It’s a simple, fun activity that I think many people have forgotten about. I would highly recommend going to The Super Putt on a date or taking the whole family. Spice it up; bet who’s going to win, take blind shots or whatever other creative things you can think of.

So now you’re wondering what the outcome of my intense competition was.  I was beating my boyfriend most of the way; I’m clutch at the close up shots (he was rather impressed). Sadly, on the second last whole, I lost my momentum and he beat me by 3 strokes. Needless to say, that night, I bought the drinks.