It was rib-licious at Ribfest this summer!

It is definitely saucy. This year’s Rotary Ribfest in St.Catharines’ Montebello Park was a huge hit. Bringing locals and travellers together to enjoy beef and pork ribs in many different sauces and barbequed many different ways. One word…YUM!

I decided to check out the Ribfest with a few of my good friends on Friday night. And luck must have been on our side as we were able to listen to a Beatles tribute band (the Caverners). They were spectacular; playing some of the popular Beatles’ songs and even dressing the part.  So with a full draft beer in one hand and a rack of ribs in another, I was having the time of my life.

Montebello was packed with many different types of people; teenagers, families, and friends. What a perfect event to take part in. You get to enjoy great food and great music with the people you love the most.

Furthermore, Ribfest caters to every type of person (other than it’s not vegetarian). For example, young children can have fun at this festival, as there are many different children friendly blow-up slides, games, and toys that they can play with. In addition, Ribfest caters to different tastes with its various drinks and food choices (corn on the cob, fries, ribs, corn bread, etc).

Either way, Ribfest is a perfect things to do in Niagara.

I scream, Hayley screams, we both scream from ice cream!!

Nothing is better than an ice cream on a hot summer day, therefore Hayley and I went out to search for the best ice cream in Niagara. Hayley had suggested we go to the Avondale Dairy Bar. So we got into “Bertha” (my mini-van) and began to travel to ice cream heaven. This famous ice cream parlour is found in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

With a slight right turn we arrived at our destination. I could not contain my excitement for one more moment. As soon as we entered the ice cream parlour I race to get in line and decide on the flavour of ice cream I want to get. I decide on mint chocolate chip; my very favourite ice cream flavour. As the ice cream dipped down my hands in the hot summer heat I felt just like a kid again.

Along with the array of ice cream flavours and the seating areas inside and outside the parlour, Avondale Dairy Bar also had swing sets for the kids to enjoy—even though we are no longer kids it was important for us to swing and eat our ice cream at the same time.

After cleaning myself up and throwing away my napkins, it was time to leave.  Although I was sad to leave, I was excited to visit again, which I am sure will happen more than once this summer.  It is important to make one of the things you do in Niagara Falls, Avondale Dairy Bar.

Things to do in Niagara- Fort George

IMG_8671The Niagara region is rich with history, from Fort Erie to Niagara-on-the-Lake, and there are many historic sites, churches, military forts, and architecture dedicated to exploring it. Niagara-on-the-Lake and Fort Erie were both sites of significant battles during the War of 1812. That’s exactly why Amber and I decided to start our adventures visiting Fort George.
As a Niagara Falls local, I remember visiting Fort George in elementary school so I was excited to go back. I had forgotten how nice of a drive going out to Niagara-on-the-Lake was. The roads are quite and beautifully lined with forest and glimpses of the Niagara River below.
When we arrived about 30 minutes later, we parked for free (later discovered it is $5.90/car, I guess we lucked out that we didn’t get towed). We walked past a school group and were pretty tempted to join in on their tour, but we didn’t. The fort area is rather large inside with 8 beautifully restored buildings. You are able to walk around the fort and check out the different informational stations at your own pace, with costumed staff around to give more insight. Amber took the time to read more of the fun facts than I did; she’s a little more into history than I am.
My favourite part was when a group of soldiers walked by. If you ask Amber she’ll tell you that it actually scared me a little bit- I was just pretending. I ended up getting a picture with a handsome soldier, didn’t catch his name. Although we didn’t get the chance to see them, there are also regular military and military music demonstrations that would definitely be exciting.
It’s in a great location to check out many of the fruit stands along the way, the Laura Secord Homestead or one of the many wineries. Stay tuned for these adventures in the future!

Great Eats in Port Dalhousie

Kilt & Clover RestaurantYou will never see a more beautiful place than Port Dalhousie, unless you’re travelling to Niagara Falls. Port Dalhousie is a great place to bring your family, enjoy the beaches, or even whet your palette at many of the main street and beach front restaurants. Hayley and I enjoyed dipping our toes into the not-so-warm lake (well I did, Hayley was being a bit of a chicken), as well as wiggling our toes in the warm beach sand.   We also had the pleasure of enjoying Port Dalhousie dining during our lunch hour…we chose Kilt and Clover.

Kilt and Cover had an amazing selection of entrees from fish and chips, burgers, and clubs. Hayley found it important to test out their fish and chips and I stuck to my favourite the club wrap; both amazing dishes with some ice cold pints to wash it down with.

It is important if you’re looking for things to do in Niagara Falls to check out Port. So pack a nice picnic lunch, or have a meal at one of the main street restaurants, you don’t want to miss out on this one.