A Night On The Town- Port Dalhousie

Friday and Saturday nights in Port Dalhousie are something to be seen! Sadly, it is the end of an era, with condominiums being put in place of some of the most popular summer bars in the Niagara region.  Bars that have more outside space than inside, decks and sand floors, these are the idea summer hotspots- My Cottage, Jailhouse, The Shore, Horny Toad and Port Mansion. The whole street is filled with young partiers looking to have some fun, loud music is bumpin’ from every bar and the DD is lucky to find a parking spot after 10pm that’s not on someone’s lawn. Ironically, these things that we are all so excited about, are also the reason the town has decided to remove the bars. Hopefully you have had the pleasure of experiencing these bars for yourself, or it could be too late!

I can say that I have had numerous fun-filled nights in Port Dalhousie, celebrating my birthday or celebrating a girl’s night on the town! I’m not sure where we will go on weekends when the new construction takes place but it will be interesting to see what it will offer.  Needless to say, Saturday night will not be the same.

Lundy’s Lane Battlefield Cemetery

History is told, felt, and re-lived around the world, but not everyone can say that history occured in their own backyard; Niagara Falls can. Niagara Falls is filled with famous heroes and heroines that fought for many of the things that we take for granted. And what a better place to pay our respects then to walk through the Lundy’s Lane Battlefield Cemetery.

Hayley and I spent a good hour walking around and taking pictures within the cemetery itself. It bothered us not being able to read some of the stones, but erosion had worn them down. We knew that at one point in time those stones carried the names of many heroes throughout the region and around the world that took part in one of the bloodiest wars in Canadian history.

Having the love of history that I do I could have stayed longer, but the day was coming to an end. I am very lucky to have taken this walk through history, even if it was just for a short while. After all, you can’t know who you are until you know where you’ve been. So, if your looking for things to do in Niagara Falls, this is one of the historical landmarks you should check out!

Morningstar Mill (One of Niagara’s Best kept Secrets)

If you’re looking for a new and interesting place to venture within the Niagara area, Morningstar Mill is the place to check out. This Niagara area attraction has both historical value and scenic/natural beauty. It is a perfect place to take photos, learn about history, practice your hiking skills or even discover 3 beautiful waterfalls; not to mention swim in them.

 The very first reason Hayley and I decided to check out this site was for the beautiful waterfalls that we had heard about. Hayley was a bit nervous, but once she hiked down the gorge she was amazed by the view. I was more excited to be able to swim beneath one of the waterfalls. The water was so warm, and the best part was that not many people know about it, so you can swim as long as you like without getting in anybody’s way!

As we hiked back up the Morningstar gorge, we decided that we would take a tour of the blacksmith shop. It was really cool. We were able to learn about the true history of this attraction and it was really fun. But like all good things, they must come to an end. We will definately come back again!!

Please be advised that the gorge at Morningstar is “Enter at your Own Risk.” So please be careful if you decide to go on this venture. Also **Remember to bring water, wear appropriate shoes, and maybe wear your bathing suit underneath because once you see the waterfalls that lay here, you will definitely want to get your feet wet**


At Happy Rolph’s FREE never goes out of style!

Happy Rolph’s sure is everything that it is made to be. Being one of the most interesting places to visit in the Niagara area, this local site allows children of all ages and parents alike to see and feed different types of farm animals. Happy Rolph’s is also completely free, free admission and free parking, not to mention provides young children with a small park to play in.

Happy Rolph’s brought me back to my childhood as I was born on a farm; it made me feel at home. It was also a site to see as Hayley got up close and personal with some of the smallest and largest farm animals. So if you’re looking for some family fun, you must check out this site, your children will for sure enjoy it!

Fun in the Niagara Sun

If you’re looking for a beach day in Niagara, then head to the famous Crystal Beach. Located only 30 minutes from Niagara Falls, this beach was once home to a small amusement park that closed in 1989- but that doesn’t mean that it’s not still amusing!

Head to the beach on the weekend (make sure to go early and get a good spot) and see just how popular it still is. Jump off the pier, bring a football or just people watch from your beach chair. When it’s getting too hot to handle, cool off with an ice cream cone at the place across the street, or take a quiet stroll through the quaint cottage filled streets.

Crystal beach is a little getaway just up the highway where you can enjoy the nice weather all summer long!

Whirlpool doesn’t just have a great course…It also has great food!

Most people think that golf courses are off limits unless they golf, but this is certainly not true. Coming from a girl who yells “fore” or misses the ball more than she hits it, golf courses are always trying to entice locals and travellers to stop in, eat, or even try playing a round (if they are up for it). Many hotels also offer great golf packages that allow travellers and locals to play a round of golf and enjoy a delicious meal. Whirlpool is one of those golf courses. That is why Hayley and I decided to try out Whirlpool and see what their dining was like.

Stepping into the pro-shop you could definately tell that we were not “golfers,” but the employees were very accommodating and willing to help us with anything we needed. They even showed us to the dining area; it was beautiful. We could either sit in the shade of the dining room or sit closer to the outside in the sun. Hayley and I decided that we would sit in the sun to enjoy our meals.

We started with crab-cakes as a starter. They were delicious– I could have ordered plate after plate of those delicious crab cakes, but I know I needed to try something else. So Hayley decided on a turkey wrap and I tried the Canadian burger. One word…Delicious! We were both very happy with our orders, as well as the service.

Whirlpool is not the only golf course that you can enjoy Niagara Falls dining. All the Niagara golf courses have very interesting and delicious dishes that anyone can choose from–whether you’re a golfer or not! So next time your looking for a great place to eat, why not check out a golf course? They will not let you down.

A Family Day in Niagara Falls- Queenston Heights

If you’re looking for the perfect place to spend the day; picnicking, biking, playing tennis and hanging out with the family in Niagara, then Google no more. Amber and I have found it, Queenston Heights! Although the main attraction to Queenston Heights is often the historical significance in Niagara, we felt that this was really just an added bonus to everything else there is to enjoy.

Amber and I started our day taking a walk around the parks paths and making a stop at the Brock Monument. You can freely enter the monument to read up on how Sir Isaac Brock helped Canada gain control of the Niagara River, or pay $3 and climb the tower all the way to the top (it’s a long way up: 185ft). All along the paths there are different plaques describing various parts of the battle.

When you go… pack a lunch, a tennis racket and a Frisbee! There is a children’s splash pad, swings and a playground, currently being renovated, that the kids can play on (Amber and I really enjoyed the swings while we were there). We also saw an adorable family all on bikes getting ready to ride the paths! If only we had brought our bikes.

Don’t be thrown by the historical aspect of Queenston Heights, enjoying a day outside with friends and family is what it’s all about!

It’s FREE at Heartland Forrest

There are not many places that are free anymore, let alone are also fun. But to my surprise, Niagara Falls has superb nature preservations that are sure to bring in large crowds. Heartland Forest has 93 acres of protected Carolinian forest, completely wheelchair accessible. From the mini putt course to the large walking trails throughout this preservation, families are sure to have a fun and exciting day with their children.

Hayley was more than excited to take some of the walking trails throughout the site; I on the other hand wanted to test out the mini-putt game. Our only down fall is that we could not spend more time at the site. It is places like the Heartland Forrest that allow anyone at any age to enjoy Mother Nature at the very low cost of FREE.

Floral Clock

For those of you who don’t know what the Floral Clock is… it’s exactly what it sounds like; a large fully functioning clock made out of flowers.

Let me start by saying that Amber and I were a day too early to see the clock in full bloom. But because of this, we got to see the students from the School of Horticulture planting all of the flowers. We got a sneak peak of what the design would be this year as well. We learned that each year there is a different design and this year it’s celebrating The School of Horticulture’s 75th year. If the back door is open, take a look at pictures of all the designs back to 1950 and the workings of the clock.

This attraction is free to the public, free parking and offers some beautiful picture taking opportunities. Check the floral clock out on your drive down the Niagara Parkway!

Niagara Botanical Gardens

A stroll through the Niagara Parks’ Botanical Gardens is ideal for someone looking for ideas for their home garden or someone who will appreciate the beauty of a variety of flower species. The 40 acres of gardens are maintained by the students of the Niagara Parks School of Horticulture, acting as an outdoor classroom for them.

Amber and I went earlier in the summer, so some of the gardens had not been filled. There were beautiful red, pink and orange roses in bloom when Amber and I stopped by for a walk through. The students were out and about working on the gardens and I know they are going to look beautiful when finished. We had a peaceful walk through the gardens and took a little break to take in the beauty and just watch people pass by. This is not the place for a family adventure but a great place for a couples getaway, to take in the gardens and enjoy one another’s company.

The Botanical Gardens are located along the Niagara Parkway and if you want to take an adventure through the Butterfly Conservatory, it’s located right in the gardens! Another stop along the Niagara Parkway is right down the way at the Floral Clock.